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Riveters Collective discovers, develops, and promotes effective progressive civic action in Whatcom County and neighboring communities. 


Riveters Collective envisions a diverse community of informed and empowered citizens engaged in progressive political activism to improve the lives of all. 


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Our Board

Eowyn Savela, President

Stephanie Allen, Vice President

Amanda Zimmerman, Secretary

Suzanne Munson, Secretary

Elizabeth Hartsoch, Treasurer

Towhee Wean, board member

Debbi Anderson-Frey, board member

Jennifer Wright, board member

Amanda Zimmerman, board member

Sarah Elisabeth Bede, board member

Michael Peñuelas, board member

Riveters Collective is a Washington State Nonprofit Corporation.  However, Riveters Collective has chosen not to pursue 501 (c) tax exempt status from the IRS at this time.  Donations made to Riveters Collective are not tax deductible.