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Welcome! This page will help you make informed and timely voting decisions. There are links here to everything you should need.

2022 RC Endorsements

Click on the image to learn more about our 2022 endorsements.

Quick Links

  • Register to vote!
  • If you’ve moved since the last election, remember to update your address!
  • Don’t sweat it if you lose your ballot – you can request a replacement one on the auditor’s website!
  • Ballot drop boxes are the most reliable way to vote this year – check out this map to find the closest one near you!
  • View the online voters guide before your ballot arrives!
  • Check out our endorsements page if you need more information about candidates and ballot measures! Check back in late June!

Primary Election 2022 Timeline

Tools for Voters
This is your personal voting portal.  You can check to see if your ballot has been received, view an online voter guide, update your address and more. 

WA Public Disclosure Commission (PDC)
Track campaign fundraising, donations, and expenditures.

WA Secretary of State Elections Info
Statewide elections info, including online voter registration, initiative and referendum info, past elections info, and more.

Riveters Collective Endorsements

Riveters Collective conducts an extensive endorsement process each year for local elections.  Our endorsement process selects candidates who will best represent our platform. Click here to view our 2022 endorsements.

Past Endorsements
2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021

Other Endorsements

Links will be added as they become available.

Whatcom Democrats Endorsements
List of candidates who are endorsed by the Whatcom Democrats.

Whatcom County Republicans Endorsements
Information provided by Whatcom County Republicans on candidates they are recommending. Scroll halfway down the homepage to find endorsements and recommendations.

Lummi Indian Business Council Endorsements
Candidate endorsements from the Lummi Indian Business Council.

Nooksack Tribal Council Endorsements
Candidates supported by the Nooksack Tribal Council.

The Stranger Endorsements
Candidate and initiative endorsements from The Stranger for state positions.

Progressive Voters Guide (Fuse)
Information provided by Progressive Voters Guide to help people make informed decisions about the races on their ballot.

NARAL Pro-Choice Voter’s Guide
NARAL Washington’s endorses candidates that make reproductive freedom a priority.

Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates
PP Alliance Advocates endorses candidates who will further reproductive rights for all.

Alliance for Gun Responsibility
The Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund endorses gun violence prevention champions.

Washington Conservation Voters Endorsements
Washington Conservation Voters endorses candidates who they believe will be environmental champions.

Washington Bikes Endorsements
Washington Bikes is the political voice for people in Washington who bike.

WEA-PAC Endorsements
WEA-PAC is the political action committee of the Washington Education Association. They endorse candidates who are pro-public education and pro-labor.