Elections 2018

Riveters Collective Endorsements


Endorsement Questionnaires
Answers to Riveters Collective Endorsement Committee questions submitted by candidates seeking a Riveters Collective endorsement.

Endorsement Interviews
Video segments of Riveters Collective Endorsement Committee interviews of candidates seeking a Riveters Collective endorsement.

Endorsement Process
Description of 2018 Riveters Collective endorsement process and list of committee members.

Endorsement Committee’s Candidate Impressions
Notes on the Riveters Collective Endorsement Committee impressions of the candidates.

Riveters Collective Policy on Ethical Behavior for Campaigns
Text of our zero-tolerance policy for some behaviors that will automatically disqualify a candidate from being eligible for, or may result in the withdrawal of a Riveters’ endorsement.


Local Election Info

Riveters Collective Candidate Info Sheet
List of candidates for the August 2018 primary races, along with links to their campaign websites and Facebook pages.

Whatcom County Auditor
Current election information provided by the Whatcom County Auditor on the Whatcom County website.

Whatcom County Democrats Endorsements
List of candidates in the August 2018 primary election who are endorsed by the Whatcom County Democrats.

Whatcom County Republicans Recommendations
Information provided by Whatcom County Republicans on candidates they are recommending in the August 2018 primary election

Lummi Indian Business Council Endorsements
Candidate endorsements from the Lummi Indian Business Council for Federal and State positions.

The Stranger Endorsements
Candidate endorsements from The Stranger for Federal and State positions for the August 2018 primary election.

Progressive Voters Guide
Information provided by Progressive Voters Guide to help people make informed decisions about the races on their ballot.

NARAL Pro-Choice Voter’s Guide
NARAL Washington’s endorses candidates that make reproductive freedom a priority.

Sierra Club Endorsements
The Sierra Club endorses candidates who they believe will be environmental champions.