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Weekly Action List for 20170130

Follow @wheresdoug42 on Twitter

Someone is undertaking to locate our 42nd district state senator and document his absence in Olympia.  Follow this twitter handle for updates.

Write a letter to the editor about Doug Ericksen jobs conflict

Constituents of Washington’s 42nd legislative district, our state senator has taken another job, but he is not resigning his senate seat, leaving us without representation in the senate.  We are orchestrating a letter to the editor avalanche.  Find all the information and talking points you need here:

Request a ballot for the Whatcom Conservation District board election

The Whatcom Conservation District is holding an election for a board member.  Our friend Kelly Krieger is running!  Ballots for this election are not automatically distributed, you must request a ballot before February 14th (or vote in person on March 14th).  Requesting a ballot is easy using their online form.

Bookmark this page for elected official contacts

Making phone calls to elected officials?  Here’s their contact information.  Let us know if we need to add anything to this.

ACA Enrollment Deadline

If you need health insurance, the deadline to enroll in an ACA plan is JANUARY 31st!

Donate to the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

A local organization providing legal services and advocacy to immigrants in the northwest.
For a list of more resources and events:

Bookmark our calendar for upcoming events.

We are drafting an even/action submission form, so if we have missed something you can let us know!  Use the drop-down arrow to the right of the Agenda tab to filter which calendars you want to view.