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Recommended Local Actions for the Week of 20170213

Attend the Rally to Support Bellingham Sanctuary City TONIGHT

Monday 13 February 2017 5:45 – 7 at Bellingham City Hall
*This is a Riveters Collective event.*  Blue Group and Community to Community Development, local groups representing our undocumented neighbors, have asked Bellingham City Council to pass the Keep Bellingham Families Working Ordinance (more information, and read the ordinance).    The Council may is considering this vote.  We understand that there will be people demonstrating in opposition to the City making passing such an ordinance and we want to make sure the Council sees how much support there is for this action.  This is a family-friendly, peaceful event. Bring signs, noisemakers, musical instruments, and banners. Join the Facebook event for more information.

ACTION NEEDED BY TUESDAY, FEB 14: Request a ballot for the Whatcom Conservation District Board Election

The Whatcom Conservation District is holding an election for a Board member on March 14th.   Any Whatcom County resident that is a registered voter may vote in person or by mail, but mail-in ballots must be requested via this link by February 14th at 4pm.

Support HB1048 (Solar Incentives) and SB5501/HB1663 (Funding for Toxic Pollution Prevention and Cleanup)

Call or email your legislators to express your support for these important bills.

  • Contact information
    • Find your Representatives here.
    • Legislature Hotline: 1-800-562-6000.
    • Email addresses here.
  • Suggested script:
    • Hi, my name is [insert name] and I am a constituent of the [insert district #] legislative district. 
    • Please support HB 1048, which will update the state’s solar program to make it more effective and sustainable.  Expanding solar power use greatly benefits Washington’s economy, environment, and energy security.
    • Please also support companion bills SB5501 and HB1663, which add a modest surcharge to the current hazardous substance tax to provide more stable and timely funding for prevention and cleanup of toxic pollution, including a number of contaminated sites in Bellingham Bay.  
  • More information
    • HB1048: “Promoting a sustainable, local renewable energy industry through modifying renewable energy system tax incentives and providing guidance for renewable energy system component recycling”
    • SB5501/HB1663 “Concerning imposing a surtax on the possession of hazardous substances”

Comment in support of Blanchard/Oyster Dome Preservation

**From Conservation Northwest (edited): Encompassing Blanchard Mountain and Oyster Dome, Blanchard State Forest is a hugely popular recreation area visited by tens of thousands of people from across the Puget Sound region each year. This cherished area could be clearcut this summer if the state legislature doesn’t act!  In 2007 an agreement was reached to protect the core of Blanchard State Forest from logging. But $7.7 million in funding is still needed, and the 2017 legislative session is the last chance to secure full funding before logging will begin.  Please use this automated comment form to ask your state legislators and the Governor to fully fund the agreement before it’s too late!  See automated comment form.  More information here.

Portage Bay Partnership

  1. Buy milk/cheese/ice cream from Edaleen Dairy and Twin Brook Farms
  2. Follow the Portage Bay Partnership on Facebook
  3. Send messages of gratitude to Edaleen Dairy and Twin Brook Creamery.
    Riveters Collective is a big fan of the Portage Bay Partnership.  This week two dairies stepped forward to leadership roles in the partnership and we want them to know we are grateful.
    Background: If you are not already a fan of this collaborative and visionary partnership between the Lummi Nation and local dairy farms, read more here: Seattle Times article with beautiful photos.

Civics Book Club

Organized by Jae Heidenreich.  Book selections will improve our understanding of civics and are likely to revolve around the topics of activism, empathy and affairs of state. First book: Rebecca Solnit’s “The Case for Hope.” Well meet for the first time on 3/21 at 6:30 pm & decide then what dates work best going forward. Facebook message Jae to join.

Follow Riveters Collective on Twitter

And especially re-tweet our efforts on holding Senator Ericksen accountable.

From the Calendar

Monday 13 February 2017 5:45 – 7 Rally to Support Bellingham Sanctuary City at Bellingham City Hall

Monday 13 Feb, 12:30pm, Salish Sea Stands on Capitol Hill Day

Monday 13 Feb, 6:30pm, February Clean Energy Activist Meeting at ReSources.

Monday 16 Feb, 5:30-8pm, Phone bank to rally support for SB5501/HB1663 (Increased funding for Toxic Pollution Prevention and Cleanup of Toxic Pollution) at ReSources.  RSVP to Emily at

Monday 20 Feb, 10am, Equity Rally at State Capitol.