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Pantsuit Bellingham is a loosely organized group of activists who have found purposeful work in resisting regressive national leadership, while visioning and fighting for a more just future.  Our leadership team is comprised of volunteers with engaged lives, and as a result, changes regularly.  Members of the current team are below, and we will endeavor to keep the list up to date.  We have no formal process for joining the team; each of these people was invited for some combination of skill, trustworthiness, motivation, independence, and positive affect.

Elizabeth Hartsoch – utility bicycling enthusiast, working mother

Suzanne Munson – working mom, social justice warrior in training

Eowyn Savela – knitter, working mom, lover of humanity

Stephen Jackson – lawyer, journalist, father, husband

Jenn Mason – working mom, palatable feminist shrew, business owner, party planner and attender

Lisa McShane – electoral politics, community organizing, professional artist.

Sarah Kirkish – cat and crochet addict, portable professional, ginger gypsy

Sara Holliday

Arlené Mantha