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How to install the Amplify app

Get our weekly action list delivered to your smartphone via the Amplify app!

RC will deliver actions once per week and you will get a notification. Also, we will occasionally send a notification if there is an urgent request. No more searching through the Facebook feed! After you take the action, you click one of the response buttons – “left voicemail”, “talked to staffer”, “did it”, etc. – and then we get counts of how many people are taking the actions. These counts will be a powerful tool in working with elected officials, showing our strength in numbers. Amplify is developed by Indivisible San Francisco. There are no ads, no external content, just the RC.


  1. Install the app for iPhone ( or Android ( (NOT currently available for tablets)
  2. Press ‘Create New Account’ to sign up
  3. Enter the Riveters Collective invite code: 045-857-672
  4. Take an action & cheer others on!

Screenshot of the Amplify app.