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Decarbonize Bellingham!

Let’s act on climate. We all need to be engaged and informed as Bellingham makes bold strides toward a clean energy future. December 9th is a big day for progress. WE NEED YOU!

WHO: YOU, your kids, your friends, your family

WHAT: Bellingham’s Climate Action Task Force (CATF) presentation to City Council and public comment period. Here’s information on the task force’s directives and work

WHEN: Monday December 9th, come for any or all events!

— 1pm CATF presents recommendations to the council. You can attend in person or online on our virtual watch party.

— 5:30pm: Pizza at Wander Brewing, then walk to the council meeting together. Pizza and kid-friendly snacks provided.

6:30pm: sign up for public comment

— 7pm: meeting begins. 15 minutes of public comment, remaining comments happen at the end of the meeting. Attending – even if you don’t speak – is important and impactful!  We are providing political will and political cover.


— Attend in-person – WEAR RED – or live chat in our virtual watch party

Send email Bellingham City Council members.  Thanks to Stand.Earth for making it so easy!


Bellingham’s CATF has done outstanding work to identify actions Bellingham can take to exceed our climate emissions reduction and mitigation goals. On December 9th, the CATF will present their recommendations to the City Council. We need YOU to BE INFORMED and SHOW UP to provide the political will and political cover for our council and encourage them to take BOLD ACTION on climate change. Attending to show support is important even if you don’t speak!

Read more about the months-long misinformation campaign here: