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Sanctuary X – A Status Report

The president-elect’s statements around deportation of undocumented people has prompted a call for bold statements from local institutions. Our Sanctuary X action team is researching what it means to be a “Sanctuary” city or institution, what institutions can and should take a position on immigration enforcement, and the current state of their policies (see our draft here).

Our Sanctuary X group is compiling answers to these questions so we can:

1. Identify opportunities for action. How do current policies compare with the goals of groups representing undocumented people – such as Western’s Blue Group and Community to Community Development?

2. Identify mechanisms for filling the gaps. How can we join the efforts of existing groups? Where efforts don’t already exist, how can we be most effective.

3. Take action to affect progress toward the identified goals.

If you have relevant information or want to work with us on supporting the human rights of undocumented people in our community, please send an email to .