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Sunday 20131218 – Vigils for America

Electoral College votes tomorrow.

Attend the candlelight vigil downtown this evening.  Bring a friend.  Yes, it will be cold and maybe snowy.  Yes, you are busy.  Read on to see why it is so important that you make the time to attend this vigil.

Show support for Electors who choose to vote their conscience instead of voting for Trump.

Event Details:
Meet at 4:30 at the Federal Building downtown (104 W Magnolia).

We will have posters available with a suggested small donation to cover the cost of printing.  Bundle up, bring warm beverages and homemade signs, and be ready to:

  • Please be respectful. Now is the time to come together and put party identities aside for our shared purpose. Americans must join together in order to stop Trump.
  • Be somber. We want Electors to feel supported to vote their conscience. We must show America the opposite of Trump: somber and unified rather than loud and divisive.
  • Be kind

Document the event with photo and video.  Share everywhere, tagged with #vigilsforamerica.

Facebook event: 

This is part of nation wide movement demanding that the Electoral College Electors vote their conscience and keep Trump from getting the 270 votes he needs to become elected. Your voice, your presence, and your support make a difference.

From PSB founder Elizabeth Hartsoch:

“I am in whitefish Montana today, visiting family for the holiday. Since I can’t be at the vigil Arlené and Rachael and others are working hard to put together, I tried to find one here. But none is scheduled here because the white supremacists have threatened the lives and children of local human rights organizers.

If you have any opportunity to go to the vigil today, or the state house tomorrow, or Pramila Jayapal’s anti-hate event, GET YOURSELF THERE and yell twice as loud for the people silenced by hate.”

On the eve of the Electoral vote we will make our voices heard!