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Read the Justice System Committee’s letter about potential violations of the Keep Washington Working Act

On July 11, 2022, our Justice System Committee (JSC) sent a letter1 to Bellingham’s Mayor Fleetwood, Whatcom County Executive Sidhu, and What-Comm 911 Deputy Director Everbeck asking how they responded to a May 12, 2022 letter2 from the ACLU of Washington about potential violations of the Keep Washington Working Act (KWWA). The KWWA prohibits local law enforcement from routinely questioning individuals about immigration status, notifying ICE that a noncitizen is in custody, and detaining someone for civil immigration enforcement. 

In its letter, we asked for the following information:

  • What steps have you taken to address and prevent potential violations of the KWWA?
  • What will you do to prevent future violations of the KWWA?
  • How have you responded to the ACLU’s May 12, 2022 letter?

We look forward to hearing how each responded to concerns raised by the ACLU and will post responses to our letter once received.


  1. JSC letter to Mayor Fleetwood, Executive Sidhu, and Deputy Director Everbeck, July 11, 2022
  2. ACLU-WA letter to Sheriff Elfo, County Prosecutor Richey, Bellingham Police Chief Simon, Bellingham City Attorney Marriner, and What-Comm 911, May 12, 2022