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The Riveters’ Justice System Committee supports the WA Coalition for Police Accountability’s 2023 legislative priorities

Today, we sent an email to all 40th and 42nd district legislators asking them to support the Coalition’s 2023 legislative priorities. We also asked the state representatives in these districts to sign on as a co-sponsor for the Access to Fairness Act. We encourage you to contact their legislators in support of these.

Our letter read as follows:

Dear State Legislators,

The Riveters Collective Justice System Committee encourages your support for the following Washington Coalition for Police Accountability priorities currently under consideration by the 2023 Legislature:

  • Ending traffic stops for non-moving violations, allowing law enforcement to focus on high-risk stops, reducing disproportionate impacts on communities of color, and ending encounters that too often escalate to violence. (It’s Time to Prioritize Traffic Safety for All – HB 1513* – Rep. Chipalo Street)
  • Authorizing victims and their families to sue civilly for violations of the state constitution or state laws, without the federal shield of qualified immunity, recognizing that police are not above the law. (Access to Fairness Act – HB 1025 – Rep. My-Linh Thai)
  • Empowering the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and take action on patterns and practices of misconduct at law enforcement agencies, allowing for increased oversight of local law enforcement and help ensure a baseline of quality policing consistent with our constitution and state laws across Washington. (AG Investigations and Reform – Rep. Drew Hansen)
  • Creating a state office, working with the new Office of Independent Investigations, to centralize prosecution of alleged police criminal conduct, avoid perceived conflicts of interest by the local prosecutor, and ensure fair, credible, and transparent prosecutions. (Creating an Office of Independent Prosecutor – Rep. Monica Stonier)

Thank you for your consideration.


Justice System Committee, Riveters Collective

* 1/23/2023 – On January 20, the Traffic Safety for All fill was filed under HB 1513. For quick reference for readers, updated letter on this page to add bill number and link.