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Becoming Active in the Democratic Party

If you’re new to political involvement or if you just need a refresher, we’ve outlined the structure of the Whatcom County Democratic Party to give you a comprehensive list of local organizations.

Whatcom Democrats meet the third Thursday of every month and you can attend! Local parties reflect the values and energy of those who show up. By showing up here, you make a difference. Joining costs $20 ($10 for students, seniors and reduced income).

Getting involved with political campaigns

By getting involved in local and state races and ballot measures you’ll have an impact on your community. You may not always win but you will meet new people, learn about the important issues in the community and influence policy. It really is as easy as showing up to help.

How the County is organized politically

Whatcom County is divided into many different kinds of districts:

  • County council districts (five equal districts)
  • Port of Bellingham districts (currently 3)
  • School districts
  • State level legislative districts (40th & 42nd)
  • Federal congressional districts (two that also include portions of other counties)

State Level Legislative Districts

The Democratic Party is organized around Counties and State Level legislative districts.

Not sure what Legislative District you are in? Click here to find out!

Once you’ve found your legislative district, click on the link below to find out information about leadership, meeting times, etc.

Local legislative districts rollup into the Washington State Democratic Central Committee. Every legislative district is allowed to send two representatives to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC). From there, the WSDCC rolls up into the National Democratic Committee.

Whatcom County Democrats

In addition, local legislative districts send two representatives to the executive board of the Whatcom County Democrats, which governs the Whatcom County Democrats. The Whatcom County Democrats Executive Board and Leadership Council meet monthly. The two representatives from your legislative district attend these meetings, so if you have an issue to present, contact them.

The Whatcom Democrats also governs Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs). Whatcom County is divided into voting districts (often they follow neighborhoods) called precincts. Most precincts have an Elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) who serves as the political representative for that neighborhood.

PCOs walk their precinct before each election, making sure their neighbors are registered voters, handing out election materials, and reminding people to vote. They are key players in spreading the word about Democratic candidates.

PCOs are elected every two years as part of the Democratic primary. You can also be appointed at any time to represent a vacant precinct as an Appointed PCO. If your precinct already has a PCO you can also be appointed as an Acting PCO for a nearby precinct which doesn’t have a PCO.

Find your precinct, your PCO and all of your elected officials through the Secretary of State.

You can also see if your PCO seat is vacant. If it is, you can volunteer to serve at this level. It’s a great way to be involved!

Federal Level

While democratic volunteerism is organized on the county and state legislative district level, it’s also important to know your federal U.S. elected officials. So here’s a refresher.

U.S. Senators

Senators are elected for six (6) year terms:

U.S. House of Representatives

WA State is divided into 10 federal legislative districts for the U.S. House of Representatives. Representatives are elected every two years in even-year elections.

The political makeup of WA Reps is Six Democrats and Four Republicans. This site is a great resource for finding your representative and contacting them.