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A square image saying "Riveters Collective proudly endorses" in white letters on a blue background across the top. Below is a cut-out photograph of Christine Grant from the shoulders up. Behind Christine is a blue pentagon frame, and behind that are gray, starburst rays emanating from behind Christine and stretching to the edges of the graphic. There is a red banner below Christine that says "Christine Grant Whatcom County PUD Commissioner Dist 1"Christine Grant for Whatcom County PUD Commissioner District 1

Candidate Christine Grant is the voice this community needs on the PUD. She is a transformative candidate with a deep knowledge about public utilities learned during her decades of work with PUDs, rural electric cooperatives–and via her years of teaching energy policy at WWU. She opened our eyes to what the PUD could be and has the skills to help the PUD be more responsive to community needs. She has a background in finance and does her homework.  She has clear plans for making broadband universally available and growing green jobs in our community, both which align with our platform. Christine Grant is smart, capable, collaborative and genuinely passionate about broadening  the services the PUD offers to our community. She is committed to incorporating social equity into how the PUD sets policy. We are excited to recommend endorsement for such a stellar candidate!

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A square image saying "Riveters Collective proudly endorses" in white letters on a blue background across the top. Below is a cut-out photograph of Alicia Rule from the shoulders up. Behind Alicia is a blue pentagon frame, and behind that are gray, starburst rays emanating from behind Alicia and stretching to the edges of the graphic. There is a red banner below Alicia that says "Alicia Rule 42nd LD State Representative Pos 1"Alicia Rule for 42nd LD State Representative Position 1

Candidate Alicia Rule has gained valuable governing experience on the Blaine City Council that has prepared her to be successful in Olympia. As an experienced mental health counselor, she will be a strong advocate for expanding access to mental health services. Alicia is a good listener who will take the needs of her constituents into consideration, and she strives to find solutions to our state’s economic issues that work for the middle class. One of her goals is improving economic prospects in Whatcom County, particularly in light of the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and we look forward to sending her to Olympia so she can get to work.

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A square image saying "Riveters Collective proudly endorses" in white letters on a blue background across the top. Below is a cut-out photograph of Sharon Shewmake from the shoulders up. Behind Sharon is a blue pentagon frame, and behind that are gray, starburst rays emanating from behind Sharon and stretching to the edges of the graphic. There is a red banner below Sharon that says "Sharon Shewmake 42nd LD State Representative Pos 2"Dr. Sharon Shewmake for 42nd LD State Representative Position 2

Representative Dr. Sharon Shewmake has been a reliable ally to 42nd LD progressives during her first term in Olympia. She made intentional efforts to reach out to constituents during her 2016 campaign and continued forging this connection throughout her tenure, for example, by opening a district office in Whatcom County.  She uses a data-driven approach to solving problems and has a willingness to partner with other legislators in their areas of expertise in order to make the progressive changes we need. Her support for early childhood programs, environmental justice, and education are significant to our platform goals.

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A square image saying "Riveters Collective proudly endorses" in white letters on a blue background across the top. Below is a cut-out photograph of Liz Lovelett from the shoulders up. Behind Liz is a blue pentagon frame, and behind that are gray, starburst rays emanating from behind Liz and stretching to the edges of the graphic. There is a red banner below Liz that says "Liz Lovelett 40th LD State Senator"Liz Lovelett for 40th LD State Senator

During Senator Liz Lovelett’s first term she has demonstrated leadership by drafting bills on gun safety and tax reform. She is intentional in her work to learn about issues and reaches out to stakeholders to include their perspectives. Senator Lovelett shared her knowledge of educational inequities for her District and stated her commitment to fully fund education. She is on two economic recovery work groups and is also committed to supporting all efforts at the state level to expand resources for early learning and childcare. She specifically stated in her written questionnaire responses, “As a single mom, I understand that few things are more critical to a woman’s ability to achieve professional success and to provide for her family than access to childcare.”

Senator Lovelett has worked with other legislators on prioritizing the health, safety and dignity of farmworkers in her district and is working to have part of agriculture investment go into safe and dignified migrant housing. In her oral interview she was adamant about protecting social services for the state’s most vulnerable during the budget discussion post-COVID-19. Senator Lovelett presented an inspiring vision of how she’ll continue her work in Olympia and clear evidence of how she considers equity in all her decisions.

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A square image saying "Riveters Collective proudly endorses" in white letters on a blue background across the top. Below is a cut-out photograph of Debra Lekanoff from the shoulders up. Behind Debra is a blue pentagon frame, and behind that are gray, starburst rays emanating from behind Debra and stretching to the edges of the graphic. There is a red banner below Debra that says "Debra Lekanoff 40th LD State Representative Pos 1"Debra Lekanoff for 40th LD State Representative Position 1

Representative Debra Lekanoff welcomes everyone from all walks of life, working with people of varying beliefs to achieve the best possible results for the community and state. She is passionate about her work serving the people of the 40th Legislative District and intentionally works to include those most impacted by ensuring they have a seat at the table throughout the decision-making process. During her first term as Representative of the 40th LD, she worked to build bridges and authentic relationships with her constituents, making her work relevant and effective.

Representative Lekanoff communicated clearly to the committee her support for equitable healthcare, especially in light of the pandemic. She gave examples of her work to support the health, safety, and dignity of food service workers. She is already working with Whatcom County to reform our criminal justice system and create more certified, affordable childcare opportunities. She shared her strategic work with other legislators to move critical issues forward, such as finding alternate means for sustainable and fair revenue sources. Representative Lekanoff is effective, incredibly thorough, and has done tremendous work that aligns with the RC platform. She is the whole package! Our community is fortunate to have someone with Debra’s mind and talents willing to represent us.

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A square image saying "Riveters Collective proudly endorses" in white letters on a blue background across the top. Below is a cut-out photograph of Alex Ramel from the shoulders up. Behind Alex is a blue pentagon frame, and behind that are gray, starburst rays emanating from behind Alex and stretching to the edges of the graphic. There is a red banner below Alex that says "Alex Ramel 40th LD State Representative Pos 2"Alex Ramel for 40th LD State Representative Position 2

Representative Alex Ramel has spent his career working for environmental justice, and he brings expertise and passion to Olympia on this critically important topic. In his tenure in Olympia, he has demonstrated his commitment to sustainable, progressive tax reform. Representative Ramel promises to work with caucus leaders and budget writers to meet upcoming budgetary challenges by preventing cuts to services for those most vulnerable, especially children. His principles and values align with the RC Platform. He is a strong advocate for stopping gun violence, for access to healthcare, universal access to broadband, and incarceration reduction. Representative Ramel has had a good start in Olympia and should be returned there so he can continue to do good work on behalf of our community.

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APPROVE Referendum-90

Riveters Collective has endorsed R-90, which would uphold the law passed by the legislature last session that would require schools to teach age-appropriate, inclusive, and comprehensive sexual health education to K-12 students. This means our children will learn about things like coping with feelings, how to give and respect consent, and how to make the healthiest choices for them. We hope you’ll join us in voting to APPROVE R-90!
There is a lot of misinformation about R-90 out there, so here are some resources to learn more:

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YES on Prop 2020-14 Bellingham Transportation Fund

We’re voting YES to renew the Bellingham Transportation Fund! This is an existing fund that improves mobility options in Bellingham, garners matching funds from the state and federal governments, improves access to WTA service, and saves Bellingham money by maintaining pavement instead of fixing it AFTER it breaks down.

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YES on Prop 2020-13 Ferndale School Programs and Operations Replacement Levy

Fully funding schools is critical for our community.  We all do better when we provide all children high quality education. We’re voting YES on the Ferndale school levy.

VOLUNTEER for the Support Ferndale Schools campaign!


Governor: Jay Inslee (D)
Lieutenant Governor: Denny Heck (D)
Secretary of State: Gael Tarleton (D)
State Treasurer: Mike Pellicciotti (D)
State Auditor: Pat McCarthy (D)
Attorney General: Bob Ferguson (D)
Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz (D)
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal
Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler (D)


Local candidate forums, AMAs and Q&As for 2020

Hear directly from the candidates themselves here.


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Focus on Climate Action – Rep Sharon Shewmake

In a recent poll completed by Riveters Collective seeking input on what areas the organization should focus on in the upcoming year, Climate Action was the top priority. Each month, Riveters Collective will highlight climate action mitigation policies and strategies that our endorsed elected officials are implementing in our communities.

Our first Focus on Climate Action is with Representative Sharon Shewmake. Representative Shewmake was elected in 2018 to serve in the 42nd Legislative District. Following are three policies related to climate that she plans to champion during the 2020 legislative session.


Natural Gas Leaks in Our Cities

Natural gas is a potent greenhouse gas. Even small leaks can add up to high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, the incentives utilities have to fix leaks encourage leaky infrastructure. Utilities are currently allowed to pass the costs of all the gas that leaks out of the pipes along to the ratepayers, unless the leak is likely to explode. We need to fix this for the environment and for rate-payers who shouldn’t be paying for gas they don’t get.

In partnership with the utilities, unions, and environmental community, Representative Shewmake is writing a bill that would change this. In short, it would mandate a cost-benefit analysis that would incorporate 1) the cost of the wasted gas, 2) the social cost of that carbon, and 3) the human safety-related costs of any leaky infrastructure. If 1+2+3 is a dollar figure larger than what the repair would cost, the utility would be required to fix the leak.

Representative Shewmake plans to introduce this bill for the first time in January. If passed, Washington would have the strongest policy in the nation to deal with fugitive emissions and she hopes other states would follow suit.


The “Sustainable Farms and Fields Act”

Farms don’t just produce food, they also have the potential to help us fight climate change by storing carbon. HB 2095 is a bi-partisan bill that Representative Shewmake helped develop that would pay farmers to sequester carbon and reduce fossil fuel use on farms. The idea is that we could have a local offset program where those looking to offset CO2, including the state government, could invest in carbon sequestration on farms. The Senate version of this bill made it pretty far through the process, but eventually got stalled. A few agricultural associations felt like they were insufficiently consulted during the bill’s development and asked that the House of Representatives step in to slow the process down. Representative Shewmakeis working on it over the rest of 2019.

This work is being funded by a “budget proviso” that Representative Shewmake wrote and got included in last year’s state budget.

She told us, “I’m really excited about this bill – I think it is a great policy both for our farmers and for our climate. My hope is that, together, the stakeholders will try to pass the new-and-improved “Sustainable Farms and Fields Act” in 2020!”


Tax Break for Electric Bikes

Representative Shewmake wrote a bill last year that would incentivize the purchase of electric bikes by setting up a tax break. It would get rid of the sales tax on the purchase of an electric bike, which can really add up! The idea is to decrease the barriers to adoption of electric bikes, which are a fantastic low-carbon alternative to cars.

Though the bill didn’t pass last year, the Governor’s office and other major stakeholders took notice and Representative Shewmake is having regular meetings with them about how we can move this innovative idea toward implementation in 2020!

You can email Representative Shewmake at Sharon.Shewmake@leg.wa.gov.
And, subscribe to her newsletter here.

Stay tuned for regular Focus on Climate Action updates from other elected leaders in our community.

In support of Ann Larson

We believe women and we support survivors.

Creating a safe space for people in the political world is an integral part of our work as Riveters. Our policies clearly state that we do not work with anyone who has harassed, abused and/or assaulted others. (See our zero tolerance policy for candidates).

But our work goes beyond simply refusing to work with harassers and predators. We must affirmatively stand with survivors who are willing to come forward and share their stories.

Today, we are standing with Ann Larson. We believe her story of harassment and retaliation perpetrated by Washington state 40th district senator Kevin Ranker. In the past, Kevin has been our political ally and our friend, and this story is not easy to read for any of us.  We’ve compiled a list of resources that we have found useful in supporting survivors, responding when a friend or family member is accused, and apologizing for past complicity or enabling of an abuser.

Speaking out against harassment and abuse can be hard, especially when the perpetrator is in our community, an ally, or in a position of power. But we MUST listen to and believe survivors’ stories. We believe Ann. And we believe that supporting those who share their stories will lead to a political community where people feel safe and valued, especially individuals who are in lesser positions of power. This will require us all to dig deep and dive into a difficult issue. We call on the State Senate to hold themselves to high standards in conducting this precedent-setting investigation.

Thank you, Ann, for your bravery in telling your story. Reach out if there’s more we can do to help.

#westandwithsurvivors #weAREdoingit

Forget the “Blue Wave:” We Did It

A reflection on the 2018 election

by Morgan Steele, Campaign Manager for the Riveters Collective Pledge to Vote campaign

As you watch the recount for the 42nd State Senate seat, don’t attribute the historic closeness of this election to the “blue wave.” It was us: the everyday people of Whatcom and Skagit Counties who stood up, got organized, and fought for change. We didn’t oust Sen. Doug Ericksen like we intended, but we won in many other ways.


As the Campaign Manager for the Riveters Collective, I saw it firsthand. The Riveters Collective is a women-led grassroots group with over 4,000 members. Most of us are moms with full time jobs that we balance in addition to the 40+ hours a week we put into building a culture of civic engagement in our community. We were mobilized to action when our local politics ran headlong into the Trump Administration as Ericksen took a second job working for Trump’s EPA.

This fall, the Riveters launched an innovative voter contact program that involved the painstaking work of building relationships with over 15,000 infrequent voters and aiding them throughout the entire electoral process. Most of the voters we talked to were completely unaware there was an election happening, much less an election about the issues most affecting their lives.

For example, one young man we spoke to didn’t know about the election and said he was disinclined to vote. After a conversation with our canvassers, he agreed to take the time to cast his ballot. When our reminder-to-vote postcard showed up in his mailbox a week before the election, he remembered our conversation and voted right away. We met him again at our election night party, where he showed up in person to thank us. Without us, he said, he would never have known how much of a difference one vote could make.

Evan, who voted because we canvassed him.

Our hard work paid off: Our data show that voters we reached were almost 2 times more likely to vote than those we didn’t. We saw dozens of volunteers step out from behind their computers and engage in the nitty-gritty of the electoral process for the first time. To us, this proves that the historic level of voter turnout in the 42nd LD wasn’t due to some intangible “blue wave,” but due to the hard work of everyday people stepping up to lead.

This trend was reflected in the diversity of first-time candidates stepping up to run for office. Riveters Collective held a candidate recruitment event in May to encourage more women and people of color to run. Of the dozen attendees, half decided to compete in 2018 elections. Notably, one of them flipped a historically Republican seat in the State House: Representative-Elect Sharon Shewmake, the economist, mom, and professor who is also our new state representative in the 42nd Legislative District.

Our community’s effort wasn’t just reflected in who we sent to Olympia (a notably more diverse cohort including Debra Lekanoff, the first Native American woman elected to our state legislature), but also in what principles we supported. Our values are clear: we want progressive leadership on the issues affecting our lives. A whopping 66.8% of Bellingham voters chose to tax ourselves in order to bring more affordable housing to our city. Whatcom County voted overwhelmingly in favor of common sense gun control, as 60.2% voted for I-1639. We supported accountable policing with 58.89% voting for I-940. Bellingham voted overwhelmingly in favor of the climate change action at about 54% supporting I-1631.

Ericksen is trying to spin the fact that he hung onto his seat by the skin of his teeth as some kind of victory of people power over big money in elections. He’s right, but not for the reason he thinks: it wasn’t “big money” that brought Justin Boneau within 80 votes of snatching Rep. Luanne Van Werven’s seat in Olympia. Boneau raised less than a third of the donations Van Werven received. It was voters’ thirst for genuine candidates who look and live like us and who will champion the most pressing issues.

When you look back at these elections, don’t see 2018 as “a wave year.” See it as the year everyday folks decided enough was enough. See it as the year Riveters Collective and other local progressives joined forces to build lasting grassroots power. See it as the year we used that power to elect progressive champions at all levels of government.

Then, when you look forward to the upcoming city and countywide elections in 2019, know that we’re just getting started.

Thank you

After countless doors knocked, donations tallied, texts sent, and vote after vote sought, pledged and returned, and so many races yet to be called, there’s only one thing left for the board of directors to say to you, the Riveters Collective.

Thank you.

Thank you for your time, your efforts, your voices, and your bravery.

Thank you to every person who ran for office—who braved campaigning and forums, who earnestly listened to a cacophony of differing opinions, and made the choice to offer your leadership to our community. No matter the outcome of your race, thank you for your willingness to serve.

Thank you to all who served on our endorsement committee and gave hours of your time vetting candidates, not to determine who was the most enigmatic choice, but to determine the candidates you believed most capable of accomplishing the goals of the Riveters’ platform.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to a candidate forum and asked tough questions. Thank you to everyone who wrote a letter to the editor, attended a rally or a protest, joined a new group, donated to a campaign or cause you believed in, or simply engaged in the type of political conversation you would have shied away from 3 years ago.

Thank you to everyone who sat still and listened. Who paused to examine their own privilege, had uncomfortable conversations, and read and learned and discussed new views on intersections and identity.

Thank you to everyone who knocked on doors and made calls and sent mail (both e- and snail) to their fellow voters and our elected representatives. Thank you for holding our government officials accountable. Thank you for helping to crush turnout records. And thank you for inspiring so many others to join in our work.

Two years ago, in the wake of an election that shattered so many of us, the seeds of a movement were planted in our ever-fertile Northwest corner of Washington. Riveters was born out of moxie and collaboration, when a group of ordinary people—women, parents, perfectly average individuals—stopped waiting for those in power to fix things. Although so many of our members would still consider themselves unremarkable, together we’ve accomplished the exceptional, simply through our commitment to doing the work at hand—work that too many of us have neglected for too long.

It’s work we’ve not done perfectly, with plenty of missteps and painful lessons learned. There have been times when we’ve been blind to our privilege and had our edges painfully stretched. We’ve experienced a taste of the personal attacks that too often are directed at any woman in the public sphere. We’ve learned, we’ve grown, and we’ve persisted.

In these election results there are wins and not-wins, and lots of continued nail-biting and challenges to act upon. But what we’re building is not an event or a single election, it’s a habit. It’s an acceptance of our responsibility to one another and the world we live in. We’re reclaiming our space in civic life.

At our election celebration, board member Marissa McGrath quoted Henry Rollins and said “The only thing worse than complacency is complacency.” With all that you’ve made happen these last weeks, months and years, we know that as a community and group, we’ll never be complacent again. So today we celebrate our wins and grieve our losses, and then we get back to the practice of civics. There’s a platform to revise, a candidate bench to build, and so much more to do to nurture our community and democracy. However, one thing is abundantly clear: however much work there is to do, we ARE doing it.

Thank you for all that you do.
The Riveters Club Board of Directors

June Immigration Actions


Local Level Actions

Regional Level Actions

National Level Actions




Call Governor Inslee Regarding the Cooke Aquaculture Farmed Fish Release

Here’s the Lummi Nation’s ask for support (plus one RC ask, #3) in responding to the Cooke Aquaculture farmed fish release near Cypress Island.

Call Governor Inslee

Hi, my name is _____ and I live in ______, Washington.

I’m calling to ask Governor Inslee to do three things:

1. Join the Lummi Nation in declaring a State of Emergency in response to the Cooke Aquaculture release of farmed Atlantic salmon near Cypress Island.

2. Coordinate recovery efforts immediately

3. Direct WA State employees to name Cooke Aquaculture in all media and documentation, and omit the company-contrived eclipse story, which is intentional misdirection.

# Background

On Saturday August 19th, a Cooke Aquaculture pen containing Atlantic salmon failed, and released more than 300,000 farmed fish into the Salish Sea near Cypress Island. The company, inexplicably, blamed the eclipse, though actual data show that tidal currents had been higher in previous days and in every other month of the year. This is not the first such release, and yet there are no alert systems or back-up systems for this kind of situation. Lummi Nation is responding, but wants the State’s support.

Recommended Actions for the Week of 20170529


Local Level Actions

National Level Actions / Other

From the Calendar

Every Monday: Attend a vigil hosted by C2C between 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m. This week will be a bit different because City Hall will be closed for Memorial Day. We will meet at City Hall like normal and then march over to the Police Station. Show the powers that be that you stand by our undocumented workers and anyone else running afoul of ICE. Let the officials know it’s not alright to tear families apart!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 from 5:30-8:30p.m.: Meet the candidates for Whatcom County Council and Bellingham City Council and provide feedback to the political committee for the Sierra Club Mt. Baker Group. The event is being held at YWCA, 1026 N Forest St, Bellingham, WA 98225. Social hour will start at 5:30p.m. (bring an appetizer to share if you wish) and the program starts at 6:15p.m. Please visit the Riveters Collective calendar or Facebook to learn more.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017, from 6:30-8:00p.m.: Come and learn how you can help Riveters Collective Earth Team plan and promote environment-related action.  We shall meet at Bellingham Public Market, 1530 Cornwall Ave., in the conference room (near Film is Truth).

Saturday, June 3, 2017 from 9:00-11:00a.m.: Come join the UterRun Fun Walk or Run. All proceeds go to benefit the Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood. Please visit Facebook for tickets.

Recommended Actions for the Week of 20170417

Local Level Actions

National Level Actions / Other

From the Calendar

Mondays from 11:30a.m.-1:30p.m.: Attend a vigil hosted by C2C every Monday in front of City Hall. Show the powers that be that you stand by our undocumented workers and anyone else running afoul of ICE. Let the officials know it’s not alright to tear families apart!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 from 5:00-6:00p.m.: Please join the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center and the Veterans For Peace Chapter 111 at Lottie and Grand (by the Bellingham Public Library) in resisting a federal budget that fuels the U.S. war machine and corporate greed. Bellingham will be one of hundreds of sites of action across 35 countries calling on elected representatives to prioritize human needs over war. We will:

  • Unveil a massive banner exposing the outrageous amount of funding the U.S. federal budget allocates to the military in comparison to other federal programs.
  • Reflect on the problems caused by excessive militarism and the military-industrial complex.
  • Demand that Congress start to prioritize human needs over corporate greed by agreeing not to vote for increases to military spending.

Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 7:00-9:00p.m.: Community Forum: The Future of Affordable Care hosted by Whatcom Alliance for Health Advancement at St. Luke’s Community Health Education Center, 3333 Squalicum Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98225.

Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 7:00-9:00p.m.: Put a Cork in it, Trump! A postcard writing party at Vinostrology Wine Lounge & Merchant, 120 W. Holly Street, Bellingham, WA 98225.

Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 12:30-4:00p.m.: March for Science Bellingham at City Hall. Click here to learn more. Use the Facebook post to spread the word.

Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 1:00-2:30p.m.: RC Education Series: Campaign 101 at the Leopold Crystal Ballroom, 1224 Cornwall Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225. Join Riveters Collective for a nuts and bolts campaign training for candidates and campaign volunteers. This is a family-friendly event. Bring a snack or beverage to share if you’d like, potluck to follow!

Event: Hope & Action with Senator Kevin Ranker and Chairman Timothy Ballew II

Join us for an inspirational and practical forum featuring state senator Kevin Ranker and Timothy Ballew II, chair of the Lummi Nation.

Senator Ranker will provide specific ideas for what each of us can do to stand up for our core values in the face of our current administration.  Ranker is clear:  there are core areas about which we cannot compromise:  women’s rights, minority rights, LGBTQ rights, access to quality education, reproductive health and choice, environmental protection.  Chairman Ballew will share opening words.

You’ll leave the presentation fired up, with a list of ideas for what you can do now to bring about positive change!  

This free event is co-sponsored by the Lummi Nation and Riveters Collective.

Date: Sunday, 19 March 2017
Time: 1:00 p.m.  Lobby doors open at 12:00, theater doors at 12:30
Location: Mount Baker Theatre
Tickets: This is not a ticketed event.  Attendance is free, and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.
R.S.V.P. To receive updates, r.s.v.p. to our Facebook event or check this page.
Accommodations: We plan to have an ASL interpreter.  Guests can also request assistive hearing devices from theatre ushers or staff.  The theatre has eight permanent wheelchair spots.
DONATE HERE: We met our fundraising goal, no more donations!