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Charitable giving

Local Resources for Furloughed Government Workers

For those in need Free haircuts Jan 21-27 at Barbershack. Free bread from Great Harvest. Interest-free charge account for copays or over-the-counter products at Hoagland Pharmacy. Free fitness classes at Love to Move Studioz. Free or reduced priced lunch for students… Read More »Local Resources for Furloughed Government Workers

Step Three to Taking Action

Now you are informed and ready- time to act! Your best two tactics are your money and your time. Let’s talk $$. First, donations. There are a bajillion organizations working to do good. Many run on donations. It can be hard to figure out who… Read More »Step Three to Taking Action

Alternative Inauguration Day Events

By Jnn13 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons Take back Inauguration Day by participating in one of these alternative events on Friday, January 20th. Because you can love this country AND skip the inauguration. Local Our Inauguration Day: The… Read More »Alternative Inauguration Day Events

Civic Tithing

Civic tithing can stabilize funding for our local organizations in an uncertain economic future. And that future will arrive on January 20. From the Old English for “one-tenth”, tithing has traditionally meant giving part of one’s income to a church or government. In civic tithing,… Read More »Civic Tithing