Alternative Inauguration Day Events

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Take back Inauguration Day by participating in one of these alternative events on Friday, January 20th.

Because you can love this country AND skip the inauguration.


Our Inauguration Day: The Bellingham People’s Movement Assembly

WWU Student Walkout to #ResistTrump on Inauguration Day

WCC Resists Trump: Student Walkout on Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day Cabaret, at Sylvia Center

Bring Your Light to the Library

Don’t Mourn – Organize!

Unite Turtle Island: Inauguration Protest at the Border

Rest up and prepare for the Women’s Marches the next day.


Women Strike


Step Two to Taking Action


Alright, so you’ve got your non-biased news sources and you’re keeping up with things- nice! Now it’s time for step two: homework.

I know, you already have a busy life, and you’ve just upped your news intake on top of that. The thing is, you won’t be able to make effective or meaningful actions until you fully understand the situation.

First, the basics.

  • Here’s a nice civics brush up.
  • These gamified civics lessons are aimed at students, but look like fun for any age. Bonus- they’re an initiative of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.
  • And here’s a handy post of our own about how the local Democratic party works.

Next, you might be wondering how this happened.

While we’re at it, we need to understand how to be better allies, too. Don’t forget the kids.

Putting a few of these books on reserve at the library is a great way to go. Get reading!

Missed step one? Read it here.

Ready for step three? Read it here.

Take action:

Step One to Taking Action

Since the election, everyone is talking about taking action and asking you to act, too.*

Let’s take a step back- maybe you’re not sure where to start or are feeling overwhelmed?

The world feels a bit topsy-turvy in the worst sort of way right now. And then on top of it, many people are telling you to call this person and sign this petition and donate here. It can be easy to get stuck at inaction from feeling overwhelmed.

Whatever your level of political activism has been, it’s time to take it up two notches. Our best chance to protect the rights and freedoms we have fought for over the last generations is to make your voice heard. If we all do a little, it will add up to a lot. You can do it. You must.

“emma reading the newspaper” by Diego Sevilla Ruiz on flickr. Used under Creative Commons license

The first step to sorting through everything is to get informed.

You need to be up to speed on what’s happening in order to decide what actions to take. One of the challenges is that the media is often biased, both to the right and to the left.

Here are the least biased news sources:…

Along with the neutral sites, try adding in a few sites that lean slightly left and some that lean slightly right to get a sense of the whole picture.

Avoid sites that are extremely biased or flat out false. Here’s some tips for spotting fake news:…

Here are some known fake news sites to avoid:…

That’s step one. Pay attention, watch your sources.  Stay tuned for step two.

*For why you should take action, see here and here.

Take action:

Whitefish Love

Happy Hanukkah pants peeps, and merry Christmas.   You may have seen reports of a white supremacist hate group threatening people and planning an armed march in Whitefish, Montana.  As nauseous as this is, Montana has a strong network of people and groups working for justice and human rights.  Rather than give oxygen to groups acting in hate, let’s support those resisting in love.  The resistance is led by the Montana Human Rights Network.  Let’s play a game, donate to MHRN every time we see the Whitefish hate group in the news.  They go low, we go high.

Follow MHRN on Facebook

Donate to MHRN

Follow Love Lives Here in the Flathead Valley

Womxn’s Marches – Bellingham, Seattle, DC

We’re getting a lot of questions about the Women’s Marches.  Here are links to information for marches in Bellingham, Seattle and DC.

Womxn’s March on Washington – Bellingham

Event Information
Facebook page
Facebook event


Womxn’s March – Washington State – Seattle

Event Information
Facebook group
Facebook event

Our bus is full, and there are at least three buses departing from Bellingham for the march.  I will update this as I get new information.  If you don’t have a ticket and you want one, watch the Pantsuit Bellingham Facebook feed and then bus event closely, I have seen several posts selling tickets in the past couple of days.

If you purchased a bus ticket through Pantsuit Bellingham and Bellair Charters, your bus departure information:
Sunset Square Kmart parking lot at 7a.m. on 21 January 2017.
Join the Facebook Event for some pre-march pep-talking and organizing.

If you have a ticket for a bus chartered by Whatcom Democratic Women’s Club, event details can be found here:


Women’s March on Washington – D.C.

Event Information
Facebook page



Sunday 20131218 – Vigils for America

Electoral College votes tomorrow.

Attend the candlelight vigil downtown this evening.  Bring a friend.  Yes, it will be cold and maybe snowy.  Yes, you are busy.  Read on to see why it is so important that you make the time to attend this vigil.

Show support for Electors who choose to vote their conscience instead of voting for Trump.

Event Details:
Meet at 4:30 at the Federal Building downtown (104 W Magnolia).

We will have posters available with a suggested small donation to cover the cost of printing.  Bundle up, bring warm beverages and homemade signs, and be ready to:

  • Please be respectful. Now is the time to come together and put party identities aside for our shared purpose. Americans must join together in order to stop Trump.
  • Be somber. We want Electors to feel supported to vote their conscience. We must show America the opposite of Trump: somber and unified rather than loud and divisive.
  • Be kind

Document the event with photo and video.  Share everywhere, tagged with #vigilsforamerica.

Facebook event: 

This is part of nation wide movement demanding that the Electoral College Electors vote their conscience and keep Trump from getting the 270 votes he needs to become elected. Your voice, your presence, and your support make a difference.

From PSB founder Elizabeth Hartsoch:

“I am in whitefish Montana today, visiting family for the holiday. Since I can’t be at the vigil Arlené and Rachael and others are working hard to put together, I tried to find one here. But none is scheduled here because the white supremacists have threatened the lives and children of local human rights organizers.

If you have any opportunity to go to the vigil today, or the state house tomorrow, or Pramila Jayapal’s anti-hate event, GET YOURSELF THERE and yell twice as loud for the people silenced by hate.”

On the eve of the Electoral vote we will make our voices heard! 


Take action:

Saturday 20161217 – Meet the Press

2 days until Electoral College votes

Ask reporters for more coverage of Russian interference in our election.  (Credit to for research).

Increase pressure for GOP electors and leaders to oppose Trump on Monday.

My name is —- —–, and I am writing to thank you for covering the incoming administration’s ties to Russia and to ask you to continue doing so. Between Russian interference in the campaign, big oil interests in the State department, and the admiration Trump has for Putin, there is enormous potential for conflicts of interest. The American people need to see these conflicts and concerns clearly explained and frequently publicized.  Please continue to give these conflicts and concerns the attention and  press they deserve.

NYT Public Editor:

NYT Reporter:

Washington Post Investigative Reporter:

WSJ Reporter:

WSJ Reporter:

Tweet at any of these handles:

Draft tweet:
Please continue reporting ties between Trump admin and Russia – America deserves to know it all


A few recent articles…

Don’t lose hope, because…


Keep fighting!

Take action:

Friday 20161216 – Delay the Vote

2 days until Electoral College votes

Contact Democratic Governors in Trump States and convince them to delay the vote until the Electors have time to evaluate foreign influence in the election and Trump’s conflicts of interest.

Convince enough states NOT HOLD AN ELECTORAL VOTE on Monday. If they don’t hold a vote (thanks for the idea, Paul Ryan, who refused to follow the constitutional guidelines to hold a Supreme Court nominee hearing), then those states’ 49 votes won’t be counted and Trump will not have enough votes to win the election.

Script and Contacts:
Here is the contact information for the Democratic Governors and Secretaries of State in states that went for Trump. A twitter campaign would spread more quickly (by Monday!) than an email campaign, but every state would certainly need some personal phone calls.

Twitter handles: @demgovs @govmalloyoffice @govinslee @wolfforpa @govjaynixon @govtomblin @LouisianaGov @governorbullock

Tweet this to all of the Governors above: No EC vote until Electors are briefed on DT’s foreign influence and conflicts of interest. #NoVote #DelaytheVote

Script for calls or emails: “My name is ___________ and I live in Washington.  I am urging you to delay the Electoral College vote in your state. The vote must NOT be held on Monday the 19th. I believe the Electors should be given all information relevant to foreign interference in our election and Mr. Trump’s conflicts of interest before they cast their votes. The vote must be delayed until the Electors are fully briefed.”   

Governor Tom Wolf: 717-787-2500
contact form:

Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro Cortes: 717-787-6458
contact form:…/ReportElectionCom…

Governor Jay Nixon: 573-751-3222
contact form:…/contact-the-governors-office

Secretary Jason Kander: 573-751-4936

West Virginia
Governor Earl Ray Tomblin: 304.558.2000
contact form:…/…

Secretary of State Natalie Tennant:(304) 558-6000
contact form:

Governor John Bel Edwards: (225)342-7015
contact form:

Secretary Tom Schedler: 225-922-2880
contact form:…

Governor Steve Bullock:406-444-3111
contact form:

Secretary Linda McCulloch:406-444-2034

Democratic Governors Association
Chair: CT Gov. Dan Malloy:(860) 566-4840
contact form:…/Contact-Governor-Malloy/Share-your-O…

Vice Chair WA Gov. Jay Inslee:360-902-4111


Virginia congressman calls for delay in electoral college vote.


Take action:


Thursday 20161215 – Brief the Electors Now

3 days until Electoral College votes

Call or tweet Department of Intelligence Director James Clapper and request that he honor the Electors’ request for a briefing before they vote on Monday.

Get the Department of Intelligence to brief the Electors NOW on Russian interference in the election.

Script and Contacts:
Department of Intelligence: (703)-733-8600

Script: “My name is ________ and I’m calling from Washington. In light of the growing number of Electoral College members requesting information on the nature and scope of Russian interference in our democratic process and election, I am requesting you honor the Electors’ request for a briefing on this issue so they are fully informed before casting their vote.  They need this information now.”

Twitter handle: @ODNIgov

Tweet: @ODNIgov The electors demand to know the truth behind Russian election interference. Brief the electors now! #BriefTheElectors

This week, a bipartisan group of 50+ members of the Electoral College sent an open letter to the Department of Intelligence Director James Clapper demanding a briefing on Russian interference in the election.  They require a full briefing before they vote on Monday the 19th. We need to support the Electors’ requests for information.


Take action:

Wednesday 20161214 – Call for Complete Investigation Before January 6th

5 days until Electoral College votes

Today we have one main action and two bonus actions.  Be a #SuitUp hero and complete all three actions.

Call the White House. Ask that President Obama move the completion date of the CIA’s investigation into Russian hacking of our elections to December 30, 2016.

Persuade President Obama to move up completion of the CIA report of Russian hacking of the US elections to 12/30 so that Congress can take action when they meet to tally the electoral college votes on January 6th.

Script and Contact:
Hello, my name is ___ and I live in _____. I’m calling to ask that President Obama complete and release the CIA report on Russian hacking of our elections no later than 12/30. This must happen before Congress counts the electoral votes on January 6th. We all have an ethical duty to ensure that Russia doesn’t influence the highest office in our country.

To send an email, use this portal:
To call: 202-456-1111

Last week President Obama ordered a full CIA review of Russian hacking of the Presidential elections and asked that the report be concluded by January 20th. That date is too far away. Congress has an ethical duty to ensure that Russia does not influence the highest office in our country and they must have this report before they count the electoral votes on January 6th. On January 6th Congress can and must object.…/31d6b300-be2a-11e6…

Bonus action 1:
Donate to the Electors Trust.  This group, headed by Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig, has been created to provide free and confidential legal support to any elector who wishes to vote their conscience.

Bonus action 2:
Start prepping your signs now for Sunday evening’s candlelight vigil.  More details to come.

From the Hamilton ElectorsThe BEST action that can be taken right now is to organize within your communities. Hamilton Electors is recommending that those events be Candlelight Vigils – this will appeal to Republicans’ best sense of self – and, the more of these events there are across the country, the better. If this catches fire nationwide, it will send an undeniable signal to leadership of both parties to support our efforts in the Electoral College.”

Take action: